Agriculture Museum of Ventura County field trip

Field trip to Agriculture Museum of Ventura County
Preserving and displaying the Ventura County region's rich farming and ranching history is often a dirty job, but the Agriculture Museum of Ventura County is proud to do it! Housing a wide variety of farming implements, tractors, and interactive stations for the many students that tour the facility, the Museum seeks to foster a lifelong appreciation for how food goes from farm to plate.

The Ag Museum is a perfect place to bring students on a field trip, offering both docent-led and self-guided tours through the museum. The self-guided tour is limited to 60 minutes and allows the students to explore the exhibits using educational text and teacher guidance. The 90-minute docent-led tour, entitled "The Dirt on Ag", allows students to learn about the different parts of a plant, ranch labor, seeds, soil, and pollination as they roam through the different interactive stations that are designed to adhere to California state standards.

All forms and registration material can be found at the Agriculture Museum of Ventura County website. Cultivate an appreciation for farming and ranching with your class this year!
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