Aviation Museum of Santa Paula field trip

Field trip to Aviation Museum of Santa Paula
Seeking to foster an excitement for aviation, the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula features a seemingly endless number of interesting things for you to focus on.

The Museum itself is actually a chain of hangars, each with a different owner and its own unique display. The tour will start at Hangar Number One, where displays and exhibits tell the story of the founding of Santa Paula Airport in 1930. From there, visitors may either walk or take the free tram to see the other privately owned hangars. The exhibits range from antique and experimental aircraft to giant radio collections and much more!

The collections are situated directly off of the active airport runway, so students will get to view take-offs and landings for the duration of their visit. Students are often invited to sit inside of an aircraft and learn about the cockpit area as well.

No matter your interests, you'll find something interesting here at the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula. The hangar owners are friendly and genuine love talking about their collections to all visitors. You're guaranteed to leave here wishing you could've spent more time to see everything.
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