Channel Islands National Park field trip

Field trip to Channel Islands National Park
Comprising of a mainland Visitors' Center and 5 ecologically diverse islands right off the coast, Channel Islands National Park truly offers experiences for every conceivable type of visitor. The mainland Visitors center is the main area for trips and tourism, featuring a wide variety of exhibits educating visitors on all 5 islands. These exhibits display plant and marine life, as well as cultural history, culminating in a short film.

The National Park hosts many field trips throughout the season, and offer 3 different programs to fit the needs of the area schools they serve.

The Visitor Center Program takes place on the mainland and offers curriculum-based tours that are either self-guided or ranger-guided. Each includes the various Park exhibits and videos, as well as tours of the ocean tower and observation deck, and native plant garden.

The Island Program consists of guided hikes on the various islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. The hikes are not curriculum based but offer the chance to experience the beautiful islands that make up the Park. These hikes are often live streamed to be viewed in the classroom as well.

The Nature Bridge Field School program is a 1 to 5-day experience geared toward 4th through 12th-grade students. This longer stayover field trip is an excellent way for students to experience all that the park has to offer, as well as learn leadership, interpersonal skills, and a lifelong appreciation for the environment.
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