Craft and Folk Art Museum field trip

Field trip to Craft and Folk Art Museum
The Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) presents dynamic exhibitions featuring established and emerging artists whose works create thoughtful visual exchanges between craft, design, and contemporary art.

CAFAM is special because it is a place to both see art and make art. Tying into exhibitions, CAFAM coordinates a robust roster of hands-on workshops led by professional artists and instructors. The museum is a place where friends and families come to spark creativity, appreciate more fully what it means to craft something by hand, and feel how satisfying that can be.

CAFAM's regular programs and events provide opportunities for the public to participate in art making and engage with local and exhibiting artists. For more information, visit their website.

General Admission is $9, but student, teacher, and senior rates are available. Sundays are free, with donation-based admission.
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Craft and Folk Art Museum