Diamond Valley Lake Museum & Aquatic Center field trip

Field trip to Diamond Valley Lake Museum & Aquatic Center
Diamond Valley Lake Museum and Diamond Valley Aquatic Center are both located near Diamond Valley. The museum is a fun place to go to learn about prehistoric life, view fossils from the Ice Age, and check out some artifacts. The museum is home to Max, the largest and most complete Mastodon to be uncovered in the Western United States. Xena is a Columbian Mammoth that also resides at the museum. You can take a walk on tempered glass and visit Little Stevie, who lives beneath the museum floor to re-create the actual dig site. All fossils were found during the construction of Diamond Valley Lake beginning in 1993. There is a lot of history to be learned at the museum making it the perfect place to visit for those interested in learning about prehistoric times.

The Diamond Valley Aquatic Center is an outdoor pool, 25 yards long, with a waterslide, water fountain sprays, activities and toys for children. They offer swim lessons, lifeguard lessons, and family swimming.

While at the museum or Aquatic Center, be sure to check out Diamond Lake. There's a trail that can be hiked or biked on where you can find a variety of native birds, animals, and plants, some of them being endangered species or near to it. There is a 12-foot pipeline that is encouraged to climb on so that you can get a better idea of how much water is moved in and out of the lake.
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