Discovery Cube LA field trip

Field trip to Discovery Cube LA
Exploring creativity and a place to stimulate learning in a fun way is priceless for all students and children. Luckily, places like the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles, funded by the Discovery Science Foundation, facilitate that and more.

The DiscoveryCube is a fantastic place for young people to engage in interactive, science-based exhibits and labs that will help educate and cultivate a passion for learning in a very fun way. From the colorful Discovery Market to the Race to Zero Waste lab, your children and students will have the opportunity to explore progressive and fun topics like how to shop healthy at a grocery store or how to best sort recyclables.

Their website is up to date on all the events and will show all the ongoing and limited time exhibits, which there are plenty of. If you are interested in scheduling a field trip, there is a tab on the website just for you. Being well versed in accommodating students, DiscoveryCube staff can help customize field trips for specific age groups. What are you waiting for? Visit DiscoveryCube today!
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Discovery Cube Los Angeles With Kids