Farm + Food Lab field trip

Field trip to Farm + Food Lab
Farm and Food Lab is a great place for you to go if you want to take your kids outside and get them hands-on learning and experience in gardening. It's an interactive outdoor classroom! There are themed garden beds such as the Pizza and Spaghetti Garden where you'll find culinary ingredients growing, and they also have a Butterfly Garden and other themed gardens.

You can take classes on pickling or canning while the kids can dig their hands in the dirt and use a magnifying glass to find worms and other creepy crawlers. The workshops change monthly so contact the office for details on available classes.

Farm and Food Lab has raised garden beds, fruit trees, vertical gardening, worm composting, and has solar and wind-powered lights. It is a great place to go to enhance your knowledge of gardening and it gives the kids another reason to love being outdoors. There is plenty to learn and do for children of all ages.
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