Flower Fields field trip

Field trip to Flower Fields
The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California offers many different things to do, including music and hands-on art programs, as well as a neat composting program, where it teaches students the importance of recycling using worms. All the composting sessions are taught by a Master Composter, walking the kids through the process in both an engaging and fun way!

The Flower Fields closes when the flowers are no longer in bloom, so check their website to see if they're open to visitors.

This place has more to offer than 50 acres of stunning flowers that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The Flower Fields also offers an Educational Program, which teaches kids about growing plants, water conservation, and even some local Carlsbad history! Many programs are available, from pre-k to 5th grade, and they even meet some of the Academic Content Standards for California.

After-school activities are also offered, including a Sweet Pea Maze, Santa's Playground, and even a picnic area to have your lunch!

A max of 7 chaperones (per group of 25) will be permitted with each class coming by carpool, and a max of 2 chaperones if by bus.
A maximum of 2 additional chaperones per class must be approved in advance by The Flower Fields.

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10 HOURS of Birds Chirping and Bees Buzzing - Beautiful Soothing Tunes of Scenic Flower Field