Getty Center field trip

Field trip to Getty Center
Look up from LA and across the Santa Monica Mountains and you just may see an expansively sleek campus boasting world-class architecture and well manicured green grass lawns. If you do spot it, chances are you are looking at The Getty. Along with being a beautiful campus, the Getty Center is a research institute, art gallery, museum, and training center for the intellectual explorer in all of us.

Funded by the J. Paul Getty Trust, this institute is devoted to researching, studying, exploring and sharing all that is related to the digital arts. As mentioned, you can take courses to learn more, peruse an extensive gallery and collection of exhibits, or grab a bite to eat and find a spot on campus to appreciate the building and landscape for their intentional beauty.

Admission to the Getty Center is free. This is a must-visit for those that live in or are visiting the greater LA area, so don't miss out - schedule your tour now!
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