Gordon R. Howard Museum field trip

Field trip to Gordon R. Howard Museum
Burbank became the Valley's first independent city July 1, 1911. Prior to being sold in 1886, the land originally belonged to Dr. David Burbank, who raised sheep on the land. At the time it became an independent city, Burbank had a population of just 500 residents.

During the 1920s, production companies began using the streets of Burbank to shoot movies. Both Warner Bros. and Columbia purchased and built studios in the growing town.

In the 1940s, Lockheed Aircraft purchased the Union Air Terminal, keeping it open for public use and for testing Lockheed aircraft. At the beginning of WWII, Lockheed began building large numbers of Hudson Bombers. Lockheed contracted assembly work to the businesses that had popped up around the city, helping the town to grow and prosper.

Visitors may tour the Mentzer House and the Gordon R. Howard Museum, but tours must be scheduled in advance.
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