Griffith Observatory field trip

Field trip to Griffith Observatory
If you live in or around Los Angeles, seeing the stars might be a rarity. With all the dazzling lights of a metropolis, the vivid shine of the stars dull to a faint glimmer at best. But fear not! The Griffith Observatory can change that.

At "The Griffith" you will have access to numerous public telescopes to aid you in stargazing, events like star nights to join fellow astrology enthusiasts, along with exhibits and classes all focused around space and improving our understanding of it.

If you are a teacher and have fifth-grade students, use the web link to contact the observatory and schedule a "School Program Visit". Their content and activities for such are aligned with California Education Content Standards for fifth grade. If you aren't with a school program, that's not a problem. Anyone is welcome to visit and use the telescopes or wander the exhibits, plus the observatory is always open for a few hours after dark so you will have ample time to explore the skies!
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What's Inside Griffith Observatory