Heritage Hill Historical Park field trip

Field trip to Heritage Hill Historical Park
Heritage Hill Historical Park was the first of several historical sites operated by Orange County Parks. They are the only historical site to offer a chronological interpretation of the past through a combination of historic buildings spanning several periods of time and development in a historic village setting. The park holds four fully restored and furnished historic buildings of the Saddleback and El Torro era.

Elementary school students can participate in a Native American Tour featuring an Indian Village exhibit. A hands-on program with an activity at each historical building is available for third-graders, and for fourth-graders, there is a Living History Program available where children can experience a typical school day from around 1900. Guided tours offer an interpretation of the Saddleback area and its history through artifacts, events, and people associated with each building.

Heritage Hill is also available to rent for weddings, receptions and special events. If you are a history buff, then Heritage Hill is the place for you.
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Candlelight Walk at Heritage Hill Historical Park