Heritage Museum of Orange County field trip

Field trip to Heritage Museum of Orange County
Heritage Museum of Orange County is a natural and cultural history center in South California with nearly 12 acres featuring several buildings from the 1890s, floral gardens, and citrus groves. It is home to the H. Clay Kellogg House, John Maag Farmhouse, Gospel Swamp and The Gardens. Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserving, promoting and restoring the heritage of Orange County through not only hands-on interaction but minds-on interaction and education as well.

Kellogg House has been a favored field trip spot to both teachers and students for over thirty years. It is a late example of a Queen Anne-style Victorian house. Originally it was located in downtown Santa Ana until the city condemned the homes in that neighborhood. The family donated the house and it was moved to the grounds in 1980, and then restored in 1985. Along with the home, there is a fully operational blacksmith shop that is headquarters for the OC Blacksmith Guild, and members hold regular blacksmithing classes there. Kellogg House is used for hands-on education about the Victorian era. Public tours are available, as well as, formal tea parties and wedding photography sessions.

The Maag Farm House was completed in 1899, and it was once home of John Anton Maag and his family. John Maag was a citrus and nut grower. The Maag Farm House is nearly 6,000 square feet and is a Colonial Revival House that was lived in until 1955 when John Maag's wife passed away. In 1981 it was moved to the museum along with two of its original outbuildings.

Gospel Swamp Farm is growing over 40 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs on one acre. Volunteer students harvest and market the produce and learn about organic farming methods. It is in fact not a true swamp; it was once a wet meadow with rich layers of willows, reeds, and brush which made the soil rich for farming. Gospel Swamp received its name from the traveling church groups that set up tent revivals on the edge of the marsh to minister to farm families. It has a small goldmine set that is used as a part of their Gold Rush tour for fourth graders. The Goldmine set includes a shaft, mine cart on tracks and a head frame that feeds water. Programs offered by the Gospel Swamp include Ecology and Natural History Program, Recreational Experiences, Habitat Restoration, Biological Science, and Sustainable Agriculture.

The Gardens contain seasons flower beds, three shaded lawns, and a 3 tiered fountain. There is a pathway with pink Jasmine and citrus trees leading to a large pavilion which has a small stage and dance area available to rent out for weddings and special events. There is also a citrus grove with fresh oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons that gets served to school students that are visiting. The Gardens also feature a Wedding Lawn that is lined with magnolias and a rose garden with a fountain.
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