Heritage Square field trip

Field trip to Heritage Square
Many trip locations let you experience the past at a single house or venue, but very few allow you to experience the feeling of an entire town. Heritage Square does just that - visitors get to experience turn-of-the-century Oxnard by walking around and visiting multiple buildings from the time period.

Heritage Square consists of eleven homes, a water tower, church, pump house and storehouse that have been restored to their original condition and relocated to a single block. There is no shortage of interesting places to visit, and visitors will want to return many times beyond their initial visit.

Tours of the Square are offered for third through fifth-grade groups. Students visiting the Square will take a docent-guided-tour through Heritage Square and learn about architecture, local history while experiencing life from the early 1900s. The hands-on session will include an architectural scavenger hunt, as well as tools and toys from the time period. They will also get to try on period-specific clothing while churning and sampling homemade butter.

Call today to set up a reservation, and to inquire about other things to do while you are in the area, such as the nearby farmers market!
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