Heritage Square Museum field trip

Field trip to Heritage Square Museum
California has come such a long way since the Civil War that it almost seems like a world away. But come down to the Heritage Square Museum and you can travel back to that world. Including eight Victorian-era structures preserved for over a century, the museum has exhibitions, living history performances, and educational performances, so that when you head home, you feel like you spent a day in 1800's California.

Heritage Square is the product of 40+ years of restoration. Top level refurbishment and landscaping make it not only a venue for rental but a most authentic old world township. At the website, you can download the school tour reservation form and select the topics of choice you would like to be included on the tour. The tours are always tailored to the age group visiting. It's important to push forward to a bright future, but understanding where we come from provides the necessary foundation to future success!
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