Leonis Adobe & Plummer House Museum field trip

Field trip to Leonis Adobe & Plummer House Museum
One of the oldest remaining residences in Los Angeles County, the Leonis Adobe Museum is the epitome of early ranch life. After coming very close to being destroyed to construct a supermarket on the property, a campaign to list it as a historical monument was successful, and it was restored to its former glory.

The Museum offers 2 different field trip experiences, the Rancho tour, and the Chumash tour. The Rancho tour is geared for students in kindergarten through 5th grades, while the Chumash tour is designed specifically for 3rd-grade students - with a minimum of 40 students and a maximum of 65 students to book.

The guides for the tour are dressed in period clothing and lead the students through the various buildings on the site while teaching them lessons from the specific tour. There are tons of pieces to see here beyond the adobe house, such as a blacksmith shop, a windmill, an 1870s Victorian House, and a livestock corral filled with horses, Texas Longhorn cattle, and sheep! Your students are sure to love these exhibits and won't want to leave when it's time to head back to school.
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Leonis Legacies: The Plummer House