Lincoln Memorial Shrine field trip

Field trip to Lincoln Memorial Shrine
The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is a wonderful place for those interested in learning about the Civil War. Group tours and field trips are available for groups of twelve or more, contact the Heritage Room to make reservations.

Two of the more popular exhibits at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine include The Sultana Disaster, as well as And The War Came. In The Sultana Disaster exhibit, you'll learn about the worst maritime disaster in American history during the Civil War causing a devastating estimated number of 1,800 soldier and civilian deaths. The And The War Came exhibit has an entire wing dedicated to commemorating all of the events that occurred in 1865.

Special events held by The Lincoln Memorial Shrine include History Comes to Life, Reflections of The Faces of Lincoln and the Lincoln Birthday Dinner. History Comes to Life is an exciting event with Civil War reenactors and live music. Reflections of the Face of Lincoln features an animatronic moving portrait of Lincoln and the Civil War era. The show is aimed for all ages with special effects and a series of animated personalities.

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is a great place to experience and learn about the struggles of the Civil War and to gain a better look and understanding of all of the amazing things that Abraham Lincoln was able to achieve in his lifetime.
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Lincoln Memorial Shrine: SoCal Spotlight