Long Beach Museum of Art field trip

Field trip to Long Beach Museum of Art
Long Beach Museum of Art is a small museum that holds in its permanent collection over 3,000 paintings, drawings, decorative arts, sculptures, and illustrations. The museum is known for being an advocate of women artists. Long Beach Museum exhibits include works of art related to 20th Century European Arts, California Modernism, Contemporary Arts, and videos.

The Long Beach Museum of Art has two floors' worth of art to view, and the top floor of the museum also has a breathtaking view of the ocean. Exploring the museum's exhibits takes less than an hour, but there is a restaurant next door, Claire's, where you can spend the remainder of your afternoon enjoying lunch and the ocean breeze. Long Beach Museum also has a shop inside which offers small trinkets available for purchase.

Educational programs for both children and adults are offered by the museum. The museum also hosts special events, festivals and works with Claire's for special occasions such as weddings. Long Beach Museum is a peaceful place to visit and enjoy arts, a tasty lunch and ocean view; it's perfect for a lazy afternoon.
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Long Beach Museum of Art | Long Beach, California