Los Angeles Fire Department Harbor Museum field trip

Field trip to Los Angeles Fire Department Harbor Museum
Over at the L.A. Fire Department Harbor Museum, guests are welcome to explore the old firehouse and the items within it. You can walk through the museum and discover the history of Station 36 as well as records and information on some of the area's most well-known fires. Visitors will also get an opportunity to see medallions, suits that were once worn by the firemen of Station 36, vintage firetrucks and cars, and awards as well.

L.A. Fire Department Harbor Museum has volunteers available to answer any questions you may have, some of those volunteers being retired firemen. Fire Station 36 is one of the oldest buildings in San Pedro, California making it a true delight to visit for those that love historic buildings or dream of becoming a firefighter one day.

Seeing as the museum is run by volunteers, its days of operation vary. Contact the museum to learn which days and hours they are open.
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