Los Angeles Fire Department Hollywood Museum field trip

Field trip to Los Angeles Fire Department Hollywood Museum
The L.A. Fire Department Hollywood Museum, also known as Old Station 27, was the largest fire station west of the Mississippi when it was built back in 1930. Due to the Northridge earthquake, Station 27 was almost destroyed and taken down, but eventually, the city decided against taking a wrecking ball to the station. Old Station 27 is now fully restored and has a new station sitting next to it.

Old Station 27 has two floors of antiques available for viewing. Equipment is stored within the building, some of it dating back to the early 1900s. A variety of artifacts are also housed in Old Station 27, from the 1880s to present day. On the second floor, there is a Fire Service Research Library and a Learning Center where fire safety is taught to both adults and children.

L.A. Fire Department Hollywood Museum is only open for operation on certain days of the week, check their schedule before visiting.
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LA Fire Department Museum (Hollywood Community Video Project)