Medieval Times field trip

Field trip to Medieval Times
Travel back in time within the walls of Buena Park Castle! Medieval Times is based on authentic Medieval history and is the true story of a noble family with documentation dating back to the 11th Century.

Students are treated to a 90-minute matinee showing as six brave and honorable knights crusade against each other with real weapons. Not only will the six knights display their swordsmanship, but also their equine skills while jousting.

Aside from the show, guests may tour the Hall of Arms to view Medieval decor as well as many coats of arms from prestigious families. The Hall of Arms also houses a spectacular array of Medieval weaponry. Don't forget the Museum of Torture, which features reproductions of torture instruments used during the Middle Ages.

Students will be fed a four-course lunch during the show, with vegetarian meal options available upon request. Homeschool students are welcome at any Educational Matinee with no group minimum!
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Controversial Royal Murders During Medieval Times...