Mission San Buenaventura - 9th mission field trip

Field trip to Mission San Buenaventura - 9th mission
There are few places on the west coast with such a rich history as the San Buena Ventura Mission in Ventura, California. Originally built in 1782, this Catholic mission was reconstructed again in 1809. Featuring a museum, garden and grotto, the mission church, Michelangelo's Pieta, and a Padres' burial where three Catholic priests' remains lie.

If you're in a 4th-grade class or a family on the Holiday Tour, an expert docent will walk you through the mission to help paint a history of this site as colorful as its artwork.

Not a 4th-grade class or on a Holiday Family Tour?
No problem! Self-guided tours are available almost every day. This means exploring this holy property at your own pace, assisted by exhibits, a 30-minute video, and helpful staff throughout the mission.
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Mission San Buenaventura walkthrough