Mt. Baldy Environmental Education Center field trip

Field trip to Mt. Baldy Environmental Education Center
At the Mt. Baldy Environmental Education Center, you can visit a reproduction of Tongva Village and explore what Native American life was like, reenact the Gold Rush, learn about water ecology and more. Programs available for children to take are Circle of Life, Eco Art, Gold Fever, That's Not Just a Rock, Geology, and a few others. Each program is a fun-filled, hands-on educational way for children of all grades and ages to learn about the environment, history, geology, the nature around them, and much more.

The Environment Educational Center has several wonderful educational programs available for 2nd grade-high school. Each program has a recommended age and grade, but the programs can be tailored for classrooms if needed. The Education Center is also a great place for Scouts to visit to earn a badge or complete a project. There is an indoor schoolroom which contains a small indoor nature trail, as well as exhibits on historic canyon creations and the Gold Rush.
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Taking a Quick visit at the Mt Baldy Visitor Center