Ojai Valley Museum field trip

Field trip to Ojai Valley Museum
Here at the Ojai Valley Museum, history and art from Chumash culture are on display. The Museum is set in the gorgeous St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, a vintage building on the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors will leave with a much greater knowledge of the local people, stories, places, and events.

The Museum loves to host student groups and tours. Its tours are one of the most unique aspects of its program, as it has many different customization options. Options include rotating exhibits, history gallery activities, and activities outside in the beautiful Chumash garden. These tours typically take place before the Museum opens to the public, so advance reservations need to be made. Please allow 2 weeks minimum when calling to schedule a tour for your school group.

The Museum website also contains many historical facts and lessons to teach your students. These make excellent pre and post field trip activities to both build foundations for learning and reinforce the lessons learned here at Ojai Valley.
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Ojai Valley Museum