Pioneers' Park Museum field trip

Field trip to Pioneers' Park Museum
Pioneers' Park Museum brings history to life through their fascinating exhibits, special events, and dozens of educational opportunities. The Mission at Pioneers' Park Museum is to restore, preserve, interpret, and protect materials and artifacts from the 1700s, as well as educate locals, visitors and future generations about the history and creation behind Imperial Valley.

Visitors can find a large variety of photographs, period furniture, personal letters, newspapers, documents, archives, clothing, and sundry equipment while exploring the museum. There's also an outdoor memorial dedicated to the brave soldiers that fought in the Civil War and Desert Storm, as well as an indoor Veteran's Gallery.

History buffs are sure to love spending an hour or two at this remarkable museum and gaining first-hand knowledge about the regions founding as well as various ethnic groups that have settled in the area. Contact Pioneers' Park Museum for information on special events, hours of operation and pricing.
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Pioneer Park Museum