Pleasant Valley Historical Museum & Botanical Garden field trip

Field trip to Pleasant Valley Historical Museum & Botanical Garden
The best of both worlds, the Pleasant Valley Historical Museum and Botanical Garden offer gorgeous views of native plants as well as an incredible number of historical artifacts for those who want to learn more about this area of California.

The Historical Museum has worked since 1964 to educate visitors on the history and culture of the Chumash, Rancho, and Americana time periods through the use of artifacts and historical documents. It houses thousands of photographs as well as newspapers, clothing, and books from the turn of the century.

Traditional school groups and home-school groups alike are encouraged to come to Pleasant Valley and tour both the Museum and the Garden. Docents will lead the students through both areas of the site, answering any questions the students have while instilling a greater appreciation for the culture and history that came before them.

Because the Gazebo and garden are often booked for special events, please contact the Museum with plenty of time to book a date for your school group!
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Charles L. Honn Botanical Garden at the Pleasant Valley Historical Society Site in Camarillo