Riley's Apple Farm field trip

Field trip to Riley's Apple Farm
Riley's Apple Farm is a fun location for people to go and pick fresh produce. In early July there are raspberries and blackberries, late July to early August apples are available and in mid to late September there are pumpkins. When it's not the season for picking produce, Riley's Apple Farm holds weekend activities, BBQ's and there is even a country store.

School, church, Scouts and other tours are available to take at Riley's Apple Farm. Tour groups can pick between a number of tours including Frontier Cabin Adventure, Nature Walk, Apple Cider Pressing, Archery, Rope Making, Corn Grinding, and Johnny Cake Baking. Tour guides are costumed in 1800's attire. Group tours are available for groups of twenty-five for two hours or groups of forty for four-hour tours, small groups may be interested in the Home School Day's tours. Call the front office for more detailed information.
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