Seeds of Wonder Children's Garden field trip

Field trip to Seeds of Wonder Children's Garden
Tucked away in the nationally recognized San Diego Botanic Garden is an outdoor oasis for children. The garden itself is 37 acres and was once owned by conservationists, Ruth and Charles Larabee. Childless as they were, the Larabees devoted much of their time to sharing the outdoors with high school groups and planting seeds for the Garden's present-day education commitments. In 1957, Ruth deeded her land to the County of San Diego as a park to preserve the habitat of the resident California quails. The land's capacity as a botanic garden was realized in later years by a group of committed founders.

The San Diego Botanic Garden offers children a place to learn, play, and grow. Offering several different areas for different age groups, there is no shortage of outdoor fun and learning here! Seeds of Wonder is fit for preschool-aged children, designed to aid in the development of a young child's connection with nature. Hamilton's Children's Garden is the site of Toni's Tree House, Spell and Smell Garden, Incredible Edibles, Earth Builders, and many other offerings that allow children the freedom to learn through play.

Guided tours are offered with programs dedicated to grade levels 1 through 6. Groups have the option to learn about pollinators, plant adaptation, native plants, or just take a general tour. Educators also have the option of downloading materials and executing a self-guided tour for their group. Tours must be made at least one month in advance.
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