The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens field trip

Field trip to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
At the zoo, you can see gardens with several plants; numerous habitats; and 47 different types of animals, including armadillos, foxes, giraffes, hedgehogs, and more.

The zoo also offers animal chats, seasonal exhibits, and private guided tours- the Private Safari Tour is the most comfortable way to take in the sights and sounds of the Zoo. Tours stop at every major habitat and your tour guide will lead you throughout the park, combining animal facts, park history, and more into a fun and engaging two-hour safari that you'll never forget.

You can also visit the animal hospital to learn how the zoo provides the highest-level care for all the animals, and witness how the animal care team works tirelessly to help save species threatened with extinction.

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The Living Desert Zoo | Gardens - Palm Desert, California. MUST SEE destination in Coachella Valley