The Sawdust Factory field trip

Field trip to The Sawdust Factory
The Sawdust Factory is a fun, creative and educational place for people that enjoy crafting, painting and creating wooden projects. The Sawdust Factory is available for field trips where children can create handprint keepsakes, mothers days projects, summer camp projects, and holiday projects.

Not only is The Sawdust Factory a fun place for field trips, but it is also great for Scout Trips, homeschoolers, moms groups, and team or church groups. Booking in advance is needed for birthday parties, holiday parties, and team events.

Some classes available to take at The Sawdust Factory include Painting Story Time, Craft Night and Wine and Crafts evenings, but there are many other classes available to choose from as well.

The Sawdust Factory is a great place to learn about the different kinds of wood, play with colors, paint projects, customize pre-made projects or create your own. There are plenty of projects available to create such as boxes and holders, seasonal projects, frames, birdhouses, cars, planes, and trains.
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