Timken Museum of Art field trip

Field trip to Timken Museum of Art
The Timken Museum of Art is a small art museum located in Balboa Park. The pieces of art housed by the Timken Museum are mostly European and French art, and some of the pieces date back to the early 1700s.

Tours offered by the museum include self-guided tours, docent-led group tours, audio tours through an app on your mobile device or you may book a speaker. Contact the front office to book your tour, check on hours and days of operation or get information on upcoming museum events.

The Timken Museum offers field trip programs for grades K-12. Students will get a guided tour of the museum as well as a hands-on discussion about the works of art and a demonstration of techniques and materials used by artists. Teacher Guides are available for the teachers once field trips have been booked. Each guide contains ten lesson plan activities related to the Timken Museum of Art.
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Timken Museum of Art