Western Science Center field trip

Field trip to Western Science Center
At the Western Science Center, their goal is to have a place for kids to learn about the natural history of the Diamond Valley Lake region. With many different activities to choose from, it's a boredom-free zone!

To request a field trip, all you need to do is pick your date, book online, and have fun! If your preferred time is unavailable, WSC has a wait list program, where they will contact you via email when your time is available.

During the field trip, students will be able to looks at some of the most interesting museum collections around, including one of the largest and most complete records of Pleistocene fauna in Southern California, as well as important artifacts representing the prehistoric and historic records of habitation in Riverside County.

A 20 person minimum is required to book a field trip to the Western Science Center. If you'd like to include a lab activity, such as a Discovery Lab, an Owl Pellet Lab, or even a Bison Lab, you may do so by marking it on your field trip request form.
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Western Science Center - Hemet, CA