Wonder of Dinosaurs field trip

Field trip to Wonder of Dinosaurs
Prepare to be amazed at this Dino exhibit! World of Dinosaur is the largest display of dinosaurs on the West Coast! With over 200 dinosaurs and two floors of fun-filled dinosaur themed activities, there is no reason to not bring your kid here for some dinosaur fun! There's a dino shop as well so that your child can bring home a new dinosaur friend. The dinosaurs have scientific information to go along with them making Wonder of Dinosaurs both educational and entertaining.

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs then this is definitely one place where they are guaranteed to have a blast. Wonder of Dinosaurs offers kiddie rides, a dinosaur train, dinosaur egg carousel, dino-zoomers that kids can ride on,18-hole mini golf, mazes, inflatables, robotic T-rex rides, panning for stones and fossils, and much more. It's the perfect location for a birthday party, fundraiser, field trip or special event. Recommended for ages 2-12.
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Wonder of Dinosaurs - Children's Activity Center with Dinosaur Exhibits, Bounce Houses & Rides